Whole Grains

It is easy to incorporate whole grains into your child’s diet. There are many varieties of whole grains available, they can be inexpensive, and will satisfy the pickiest of palettes.

There are three main parts of the whole grain: the bran, the endosperm and the germ. The bran, the outer layer, contains B-vitamins, minerals, and protein. The endosperm is the middle layer that contains carbohydrates, protein and a small amount of B-vitamins. Finally, the germ, the inner layer of the grain, is chock-full of B-vitamin and vitamin E (omega-3 fatty acids). In refined grains, like white flour and white rice, and pasta, the bran and the germ are removed, and therefore, the important nutrients are lost.

Examples of Whole Grains

100% Whole Grain Bread • Wheat Germ • Whole Oats • Brown Rice • Couscous • Whole Grain Pasta • Barley • Quinoa • Buckwheat • Farro

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