Should I add cereal to my baby’s bottle?

Frequently Asked Question.

In short, no. Here's why...

Adding cereal to baby’s bottle was a commonly used practice several generations ago. It was thought adding cereal to bottle would help baby sleep through the night. While you may be tempted to give it a whirl during those sleepless nights, here are a few reasons you should avoid the ol’ "cereal in bottle" trick.

• Baby’s digestive system is not developmentally ready to handle cereal. This can lead to painful gas, constipation, or even food allergies.

• Babies can aspirate cereal, which is extremely dangerous. They have not learned how to properly swallow anything other than liquid, and inhaling cereal can lead to life-threatening consequences.

• Baby may be slower to taking foods from a spoon if she is used to cereal in bottle.

• Baby may become dependent upon eating right before bed. Long term, this can cause obesity, tooth decay, and sleep problems.

• Adding cereal to bottle interferes with baby’s instinctive ability to regulate food consumption. They begin to take in more calories than they need, which teaches them to overeat.

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