Can I feed my baby carrots?

Frequently Asked Question.

NurtureBaby says "yes" but this answer can be controversial.

“The carrot misconception” is one of the many reasons parents are hesitant to make their own baby food. The story perpetuates that commercial baby food companies have a leg up on homemade – because they avoid potentially dangerous nitrates that naturally occur in certain vegetables – carrots, green beans, spinach, beets, or leafy greens. The fact is, these nitrates cannot be removed by any individual or baby food company. Nitrates are absorbed through the soil into the vegetable.

It is true that too many nitrates can be potentially dangerous to your baby. However, by the time your baby reaches about 6 months of age, their tummies are developed enough to combat the dangerous effects of nitrates. Most nitrate poisoning (sometimes called “Baby Blue Syndrome") is caused my contaminated well water. It’s almost impossible for your little one to get “Baby Blue Syndrome” from eating too many carrots, though they may turn orange!

Foods to Avoid the First Year Carrots

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