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Emboldening Independence

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Emboldening Independence: 9-12 Months

Get out the extra large bib, shower cap, and drop cloth because you’re about to be in for a mess! Your little one is likely ready to try self-feeding at this age. It’s important for parents to embrace and encourage this development, no matter how messy things might get.

Because of your little one’s new found independence, he may begin to reject certain foods. However, the end goal is to teach your little one how to eat healthily throughout life. Be vigilant and keep offering healthy foods and remember that gentle, creative persistence may be necessary. Never, ever force feed your baby, but the more often you offer the food, the more likely he is to accept it and eventually learn to like it.

At this age, your little one might also be ready to try finger foods. Let her practice her pincer grip with different tastes and textures, but watch her carefully in order to prevent choking.

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