Homemade Recipes for 6-9 Months

Discovering New Tastes and Textures

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Discovering New Tastes and Textures: 6-9 Months

Once your little one is well acquainted with solids and is at least six months old, it’s time to introduce new tastes and textures to her palette. Continue to follow your baby’s cues. Go at her pace and do not move beyond simple solids before she’s ready.

When trying new flavors, gentle persistence may be necessary. Never, ever force feed your little one, but keep in mind that it often takes five or more tries before a baby takes to a new food. The more flavors you introduce, the more adventurous his palette will be later.

While still avoiding added salt and excess sugar, you can begin incorporating fresh herbs or mild spices to baby food, watching carefully for adverse or allergic reactions.

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