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About NurtureBaby

Hi there! I’m Christen, Founder of NurtureBaby. We are glad you are here!

I’m a busy mom, just like you, and since you’re here - I bet we have a few more things in common. Perhaps you are a food enthusiast, maybe you like to cook, and you are bent towards a simpler, organic lifestyle. But most importantly, I bet you desire to teach your babies and toddlers to love wholesome, healthy foods.

That’s why NurtureBaby was founded…to inform, encourage, and inspire parents to make delicious and nutritious homemade baby and toddler food. Because…

  • We believe we can offer our little one’s something better than the convenient, little jars on the grocery store shelf.
  • We think fresh foods taste better and have great health benefits.
  • We strongly feel that if you start your little ones eating wholesome, delicious foods, they are more likely to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • And interestingly, we discovered homemade baby food requires a minimal time investment, but reaps GREAT rewards.

NurtureBaby offers loads of inspirational recipes featuring fresh, all-natural, vitamin-rich ingredients that are healthful and full of vibrant colors. Our goal is to captivate readers with beautiful photography -- and continually engage them with our easy and delicious recipes.

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Feel free to send me an email at christen@nurturebaby.com if you have any questions and/or suggestions.

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